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If you are planning a kitchen remodel or building a new home, you will need to decide on a type of material for your countertops. Today, there is more variety in types of countertop materials than ever. It can be overwhelming to start your search. This article breaks down the basics of 6 different types of countertop materials.

Quartz Countertop Materials

Quartz is considered a luxury countertop material. It is harder and more durable than granite but usually also costs more. Quartz countertops are not typically made purely from natural stone, but engineered in a lab. A cement or polymer-based binder is mixed with crushed up quartz and other stone materials like granite and marble. Some benefits you’ll enjoy from quartz countertops include that they are maintenance-free and easy to clean.


Granite was once the most popular top-of-the-line countertop material. It is a natural stone slab, cut to fit your counter’s dimensions. It does need to be sealed once per year. Each slab is unique, so you won’t know exactly how it is going to look from the sample. Because of the rising popularity of quartz countertops, the price of granite has gone down. In most cases, you’ll pay less for a granite countertop than quartz but maintain a high-end look.

Countertop Materials Made From Recycled Glass

Recycled glass is a modern countertop material that is low-maintenance and eco-friendly. Some options are made from crushed glass, held together with clear acrylic or concrete. There are endless colors of recycled glass to choose from so you can find a countertop that complements your walls, backsplash, and floors.


Concrete countertops work just as well in a rustic kitchen as a contemporary one. They are durable while remaining lightweight. You will need to routinely apply sealer or wax to protect concrete against stains. Because they are handcrafted, concrete countertops are in the same price range as granite and quartz. Some ambitious homeowners make their own concrete countertops. 


Marble is a classic choice for luxury countertops, but it is not the most practical. It is more porous and not as hard as granite. It can also scratch easily but doesn’t chip or dent. Like granite, every slab of marble is unique, so the countertop may look different than the sample square.

Laminate Countertop Materials

Laminate countertops are known as the budget choice, costing a fraction of other countertop materials. There are higher-end laminates that have more texture and sheen, but you can also find a wide variety of basic selections. They are made to mimic everything from granite to wood. Laminate does show scratches and may chip away with age.

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