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Create a home office to get work done without distractions. A practical home office is an excellent solution if you’re looking for space in your home to work, take a phone call in private, or pay bills. 

Whether you have room to spare or are a little short on space, read on for tips to create a home office that works for you and your family.

Dedicate Space to Create a Home Office

You don’t need a large home to create a home office. All you need is a dedicated space with room for at least a desk and chair. Use a large closet, corner of your living room or bedroom, or a section of the basement. Make sure that whatever space you choose is used as an office only. Don’t use your office as a storage space or have it double as the laundry room. You will be the most productive in your home office with minimal noise and distractions.

Stay Organized and Get the Right Supplies

An essential part of creating a home office is stocking the supplies you’ll need. Use drawer organizers to neatly store necessary and frequently used items, such as pens, pencils, stamps, envelopes, highlighters, paperclips, staples, and more. If you’re short on space, install shelving to keep papers, books, and mail off your desk and out of the way. A wall calendar is an efficient way to organize events and keep your schedule visually accessible.

Create a Well-Lit Space

You’ll most likely be reading in your office or using a computer, so keep it well-lit. If you can, choose a room or space for your office with a lot of natural light. If that’s not possible, find an arched floor or desk lamp to provide efficient task lighting. Another option is stick-on wall lighting, which can also be arranged decoratively as an added design bonus.

Purchase Comfortable and Functional Pieces

Whether creating a home office in a room or sectioning off a portion of your basement, you’ll need comfortable and functional furniture. Instead of a straight-backed chair, get a padded and adjustable office chair with good back support. Make sure your desk is positioned comfortably and at the right height, and use an ergonomic keyboard for your computer to prevent injury to your hands and arms.

Create a Home Office with a Personal Touch

Make your home office somewhere you want to be by adding unique personal touches, like artwork, throw rugs, and desk decorations. Paint your office a color you enjoy since you’ll spend a lot of time there. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a neutral color but try to avoid anything you might find distracting.

Even though a home office is used for work, you can still create an environment that’s peaceful, stylish, and somewhere you want to be.

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