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4 Easy Renovation Projects You Can Do at Home

Renovating your home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Choose small, simple projects that give each room in your house a new look. Easy home renovations such as painting your walls or trim and changing the colors of your décor offer quick and inexpensive ways to update your home’s interior without breaking the bank. Here are four easy home renovation projects you can complete on a weekend.

Paint a Room

Painting is one of the easiest home renovations you can do to quickly transform the look of a room. Fresh, bright colors are great for highlighting key focal areas, while soft, neutral tones create a soothing space. If you’re not up for painting every wall, give your ceiling, trim, or doors a splash of color. You can also focus on smaller spaces like hallways, foyers, and enclosed patio areas to add depth and dimension to your living areas.

Easy Home Renovation: Add Molding and Trim

Installing molding and trim is a simple way to boost the visual appeal of a room. Change the look of your baseboards by adding a thin piece of trim several inches above your existing baseboards, and then fill in space with paint of the same color. This technique will add an inexpensive but high-end look to a room. Use molding to enhance the appearance of any area, including framing mirrors and light fixtures. If you add molding, it’s easiest to paint it first.

Update Window Treatments

Window treatments add to the mood of a room. Select new curtains or drapes that capture your style. Choose sheer or gauzy fabrics for a subtle change that filters light for a softer look. Thermal curtains help reduce heat loss and save energy all year long. To add dimension, select patterned curtains. Hang curtains higher and wider than the window frame to create the illusion of larger windows.

Change Your Décor Colors

A change of color renews areas in your home. Revamp couches and floors with colorful new pillows and rugs that contrast or complement your current color scheme. Add multi-colored throw blankets, abstract art, uniquely shaped lamps, and accent furniture. Darker colors like chocolate brown, black, and charcoal gray are perfect for adding contrast in a lighter-toned room. Buy some indoor plants to bring life to any room.

Home Renovation Tips

Home renovation is fun and easy when you combine inspiring ideas with a bit of work. Select a room to focus on and get the materials you’ll need for that space. If you are planning more than one project, begin with more intensive tasks such as painting and installing molding. Then move on to smaller updates like changing the color of your décor and updating window treatments.

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