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Electrical problems are a leading cause of house fires. On average, 50,000 fires occur every year due to electrical defects and malfunctions. Between 2012 to 2016, the annual estimated property damage caused by electrical fires was $1.3 billion. Knowing when your home may have electrical faults is the first step towards protecting your household. Here are 6 signs of an electrical problem at home.

Flickering Lights Can Mean an Electrical Problem at Home

Flickering lights are among the most common signs of an electrical problem at home. If your lights blink in multiple fixtures, there is likely a fault within the electrical wiring system.

Flickering lights occur due to loose wiring connections. Dim or flickering lights could also signify a power surge. Usually, power surges happen when you have several appliances running at the same time. Upgrade your wiring system to prevent frequent power surges.

Chewed Wires

Rodents gnaw on wires and damage the electrical system. If not repaired, frayed cables could spark and cause a fire. You could also suffer bodily harm due to electrical shock. Inspections and general maintenance will help to identify a rodent infestation. Consult a pest control expert if you suspect you may have rodents in your home.

Electrical Shocks

Another indicator that you have an electrical problem at home is frequent electrical shocks. Receiving a shock upon touching an extension cord or outlet means that the wiring network isn’t grounded. Ignoring electrical shocks leads to irreparable damage to the electrical circuits.

Hot Wall Outlets

Outlet covers should not feel warm to the touch unless it is a dimmer switch. If the outlets are hot, you may have an electrical problem at home. Damaged outlets could also produce a hissing or buzzing noise. If you notice such signs, switch off the power immediately and consult an electrician.

Strange Odors May Indicate an Electrical Problem at Home

A burning or fishy smell from the wiring system means that you’re facing the impending danger of electrical fire. An unusual odor within the electrical system calls for immediate investigation.

Recurring Circuit Breaker Tripping

The circuit breaker trips if there is an overcurrent or short circuit within the wiring network. A circuit breaker that shuts down often is an indicator of an electrical problem. Seek advice from an electrician if you have frequent circuit breaker trips.

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