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Practicing Safety While Using a Fire Pit

‏Having a fire pit in your backyard is fun and makes a nice addition to your outdoor living space. Fire pits make any event, such as parties or barbecues, welcoming and cozy. However, when using a fire pit, safety has to be the priority over everything else. If not, there is potential for property damage and injury. Here are five tips for improving fire pit safety.‏

‏Use the Correct Kind of Wood‏

‏Using the right type of firewood is essential. Hardwood is best because it burns longer and cleaner, generating less smoke in the process. This wood should be seasoned for at least six months. Hardwood is more difficult to start, so to get a fire going, use tender made from pine cones or birch bark, or use fire starters that can be purchased from a store.

‏For Fire Pit Safety, Keep Flammable Objects Away

‏There is always a risk that embers will fly out of the pit. To prevent other property from catching fire, move flammable items far away from the pit. Children should also be supervised at all times. Teach them how to stay at least 10 feet away. Having a responsible adult present will keep children and pets from being hurt by the fire pit or by an ember that flies out.

Check the Weather and Have Safety Items on Hand‏

‏Lighting the fire pit on a windy day is not recommended. Check weather conditions a few days prior to the event, and again on the day of. If the forecast calls for winds, do not build a fire. Always keep safety equipment nearby, such as sand or a fire extinguisher. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be prepared to act. ‏

‏Fire Pit Safety: Don’t Leave the Fire Unattended‏

Throughout the evening, keep an eye on the fire pit for your safety and the safety of those around you. If you need to step away, have another adult watch the fire. ‏Once the event is over, extinguish the flames. Do not leave it burning while cleaning up and make sure it is out completely before going to bed for the night.‏

Call the Fire Department When Needed‏

‏Should the fire escape the pit and spread, call your local fire services immediately. Attempt to extinguish the fire, but if it spreads to a nearby building or landscaping, get everyone to safety and wait for the arrival of emergency workers.

Fire pit safety is a multi-tiered approach and should not be taken lightly. Follow these instructions and pay attention to the flames. If you’re using a purchased fire pit, read and follow the directions that were included with the product. Fire safety is essential for keeping your family and property from harm.

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