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Heating your home can be costly during the winter months, especially in areas with below-freezing temperatures and snow. It can easily be one of your most expensive utilities. Cut costs and stay warm by using these tips and tricks to heat your home efficiently.

5 Ways to Heat Your Home Efficiently and Cut Costs

Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help save on your heating costs. Set it to turn the temperature down at night when you’re sleeping underneath warm blankets and when you’re away. Program it to turn on shortly before you get home so you walk into a warm and comfortable house. There’s no reason to keep the heat turned up all day long when no one is there. You can go the extra mile and get a smart thermostat with more features and customization that you can control when you’re away from home.

Seal Gaps to Heat Your Home Efficiently

A large percentage of heat loss in a house occurs around the gaps in doors, windows, and the roof. Inspect these areas and use weatherstripping or caulk to seal up areas where you feel cold air coming in. You might be shocked by the difference a few small gaps can make. If you decide to replace your windows, choose energy-efficient models that will keep the heat in and cold air out. Some older windows are often drafty even after weatherization. Seal older windows with plastic and install thermal drapes to eliminate the drafts.

Open Your Curtains

Don’t underestimate the power of the sun to heat your home efficiently. Let the sun in during the day from your south-facing windows and close the curtains at night to keep in the warmth. Purchase curtains advertised as thermal, since they’re better at retaining heat and insulating against the cold.

Service Your Heating System

Replace the furnace filter on schedule. It is best to schedule a professional servicing before you start using the heating system for the winter. Dirty filters and blockages significantly reduce the efficiency of your heater.

Clear the Vents

Move furniture or other obstacles away from your heating vents so the system doesn’t need to work harder than it should. Vacuum out the air vents to get rid of dust and pet hair that may have accumulated over the past couple of months. When warm air can circulate throughout the home without being blocked, your heater won’t have to kick on as often.

Following these tips will help to heat your home efficiently so that you can keep your home comfortable and your heating bills low.

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