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Even the most professional construction experts might make mistakes when building a home. Since you’ve hired the best contractors who used high-quality materials, why would you need a new construction inspection? Ordering a home inspection is necessary because many subcontractors are involved in the building process.

Make Sure the Home Meets More Than the Minimum Standards

As with every home construction project, official building inspections must be conducted to guarantee the work complies with the approved plan and procedures. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that building codes only specify the minimum standards for safe construction.

Even though the government uses qualified code inspectors, they stick to only the issues on their generally accepted building code checklist. They aren’t required to provide the detailed level of inspection you get from a new construction inspection by a professional home inspector.

Code Inspectors Work Under Tight Schedules

Often, the building inspectors do not spend a lot of time reviewing construction projects. They usually have a tight schedule to complete a specific number of inspections each day. A home inspector takes the time to inspect every visible and accessible aspect of your home.

A Home Inspection on New Construction Can Catch Issues During Construction Phases

Constructing a new home involves different phases, and assessments are important in the pre-pour, pre-drywall/sheetrock, and pre-final walkthrough stages.

Working with a home inspector during these phases gives you the chance to assess the structural components or elements and request that the builder fix any issue before the items are covered up. For instance, in the pre-drywall inspection phase, the inspector will check the plumbing, wiring, beams, posts, and studs to ensure the components are installed properly.

A Home Inspection on New Construction is Affordable

While conducting a new construction inspection does come with an extra cost, the amount you pay for the services is well worth it. Defects that could lead to significant repairs can be fixed before you move into the new home. Compared to the potential cost and inconvenience of moving into a new home with major problems, the cost of the inspection is minimal.

The benefits of a new construction home inspection with an experienced home inspector include saving you time and money and giving you peace of mind.

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