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Homeownership is a huge milestone for many people, and along with the excitement come many new responsibilities. As a homeowner, there are some must-have tools you should get so you’ll be prepared to tackle minor repairs and updates to your home.

Small repair issues will eventually occur. Common problems such as leaking faucets, running toilets, or loose cabinet and door hinges will require a few basic tools to fix.

With the tools listed below, you’ll be equipped to repair small issues when they arise and undertake simple DIY projects to keep your home in excellent shape.

4 Must-Have Tools for Use Around the Home

Carpenter’s Hammer

Though there are several types of hammers available, a claw hammer is one of the most commonly used tools in a home. If you anticipate that you’ll be working with nails or removing them from any surface, invest in a good quality hammer.

Claw hammers have a steel head on one side that you use to drive nails into a surface. On the other side, there is a V-shaped fork used to pry nails from materials.

Screwdrivers are Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

Other than nails, screws are also popular fasteners in homes, making a few quality screwdrivers a necessity. When buying screwdrivers, you have the option of investing in individual screwdrivers or buying one with a set of interchangeable bits. Make sure you have both Philips head and flathead varieties.

If you want a multipurpose screwdriver, invest in one with heads you can swap out depending on the type of screws you’re working with. You can find a multi-purpose screwdriver set at your local hardware store.

A Cordless Power Drill

Drills have multiple uses in a home including tightening loose door hinges, drilling bolts into wall studs to mount a TV, assembling furniture, and driving screws to hang pictures and paintings.

With a cordless power drill, you don’t have to deal with a cable and you can work on surfaces away from an electrical outlet.

Must-Have Tools: Tape Measure

A tape measure is one of the must-have tools every homeowner needs. From measuring the size of your room to make sure furniture fits to locating where on your wall to mount pictures, a tape measure is essential. Most household projects can be completed with a tape measure of between 25 and 50 feet long.

While some repairs and projects will require the service of a specialist, the tools above will help you work on easy DIY improvements and minor issues that need immediate attention.

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