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Mold can be a very dangerous household problem. It has the potential to cause all types of health issues, such as headaches, breathing problems, and neurological damage. This article goes over how you can recognize the signs of mold in the home.

Heating or AC Smells Odd

If you start to smell something odd when using the air conditioner or heating system, get it checked out by a mold professional. The HVAC system may have areas where moisture has developed. Damp, dark spaces are excellent places for mold to grow.

Signs of Mold in the Home Include Dark Shower Tile Grout

If you notice the grout in the shower becoming darker, it’s most likely caused by mold. Bring in a mold professional to test it. Once mold starts growing in the shower, it can spread to other areas of the bathroom.

Peeling Paint and Wallpaper

Pay close attention if you see any cracking, bubbling, or peeling paint and wallpaper. This is a sign of moisture. If drywall is damp, mold will start to grow on the inside of the walls, and you will notice these visible signs.

A Cold That Won’t Go Away

A cold you can’t get rid of is one of the classic signs of mold in the home. A couple of symptoms might be sneezing fits or a runny nose. Pay attention to whether symptoms alleviate when you leave the home.

Dark Spots on the Walls are Signs of Mold in the Home

Do you see any odd or dark spots on your walls? You might be looking at a mold problem. High humidity or leaky pipes may be causing mold to grow.

Asthma That Gets Worse

Does anyone in your family have asthma that has gotten worse? This is another one of the dangerous signs of mold in the home. There are some kinds of mold that only affect asthma sufferers.

Itchy Clothing is a Sign of Mold in the Home

Mold can infest your clothes. This typically happens if you leave wet towels on the floor too long or if you dry clothes inside on a rack. Mold develops, irritates your skin, and causes itching. Don’t leave wet clothing or towels sitting in the hamper.

If you experience any of the above signs of mold in the home, address them right away. Perform mold inspections and sampling on your home to prevent serious mold problems.

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