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Spring is a popular time of year to move into a new home. The moderate weather makes packing and moving more accessible, and it will feel like a fresh start without the hustle and bustle of relocating in summer. Here are a few helpful tips for a successful spring move.

How to Have a Successful Spring Move

1. Schedule the Move During Spring Break

Spring and summer are ideal times to move if you have kids. Most schools have a spring break that is at least a week long. Use this time for the move so your children won’t miss out on attendance. The kids can help with the move, and being involved in the process often makes it easier for them to settle into a new home.

2. Plan in Advance for a Successful Spring Move

Start planning as soon as you know you’ll be relocating to ensure an easy move. Collect boxes and packing materials, and pack infrequently used items first. Getting an early start on the move will help you avoid the stress of doing everything last-minute.

3. Make Repairs Before Listing Your Home

It is best to make minor repairs before listing the house when selling your home. For a thorough evaluation, order a pre-listing home inspection. This will identify issues around your home that you can repair before putting it on the market. Repairs and maintenance, and spring cleaning go a long way in impressing buyers.

4. Create a Moving Checklist

Create a checklist to help you keep track of tasks that need to be completed. It will help you plan and manage your move efficiently. If you’re moving with your family, list the jobs that need to be done and assign them to family members to complete.

5. Host a Yard Sale in Preparation for a Successful Spring Move

If you have things you don’t want to take with you, hosting a yard sale is an easy and efficient way to get rid of these unwanted items. You’ll reduce the number of belongings you’re hauling to a new place and earn some money in the process.

6. Be Prepared for Unpredictable Weather

While spring usually offers warmer, pleasant weather, the change of seasons can be unpredictable at times. Because of this, leave jackets or sweaters out of the moving boxes in case the weather turns cold on moving day.

7. For a Successful Spring Move, Book the Moving Company Early

Book the moving company well in advance to ensure you’ll have help on moving day. Moving companies often book up quickly during the spring. Book your movers 2-3 months ahead of your move date to be prepared.

8. Notify Friends and Family of Your Change of Address

Don’t forget to notify people of your move. Inform your bank, credit card companies, and the post office so that they can forward your mail to your new address. Send friends and family a quick note, too, so they will know that you’ve moved. 

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